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10 Reasons Clients Choose GP Landscape

Consistency – We have been providing a superior landscape experience for more than 15 years. Some of our customers have been with us from the beginning and we treat every client like family.


Communication – A bilingual speaking person is ALWAYS on every crew.


Response Time – Based on the severity of the situation, anywhere from immediate to next day of service.


Performance – Our manager and crews are equipped with the knowledge, training and experience required to perform the maintenance in your community to the high standards.


Quality Control – We enforce greater control over our workforce to deliver consistent workmanship and quality every day, every time. Each crew leader and foreman, superintendent and account manager performs regular checks to ensure quality and consistency is always of the highest standard.


Specialized – Each one of our crew members is specialized in their specific task and operation. Our mower operators only do mowing and our pruning crews only do pruning.


Knowledge – We offer a thorough understanding and knowledge of plant growth properties and the fundamentals of plant structure and placement. We utilize your existing plants and allow them to grow and function as were intended, e.g. hedges, screens, shade and aesthetics.


Preventative Maintenance – We perform our work according to a strict seasonal schedule, addressing and preventing outbreaks and attacks from pests and diseases before they occur. We are constantly monitoring factors such as temperature, soil composition and water availability among others to target and treat detrimental and harmful factors affecting your landscape environment.


Horticultural Practices – We use correct pruning methods to maximize the growth and health of your plants. Hand pruning is significantly used in our operations to promote plant form, structure and increase bloom.


Design – Our in-house designer delivers enhancements that maintain the theme in the community and compliment the overall landscape.

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