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Customized Services

Landscape Management

Our maintenance crews provide the best quality service in the industry.

Water Management

Water management is one of our top priorities. We have three certified water auditors on staff which will assist in evaluating your irrigation system. Our in house water auditors work closely with our field technicians to develop a site specific watering schedule.

Budget Preparation

Our staff works closely with owners and managers to help establish budget items. We will identify both short term and long term landscape requirement and identify the associated costs.

Enchancement Division

Our enhancement division works with our clients to insure their properties look their best at all times. Routine upgrades help to improve the projects with appearance and increase property value.

Fertilization & Pest Control

This division provides routine fertilizer applications and selective preventative sprays. Keeping the landscape strong and healthy is the best method to keeping pests under control.

Landscape Installation

Our Landscape Installation Division can handle both large and small projects.

At GP Landscape, our service delivery model is built to customize a unique experience for each customer we service. We have the expertise, experience and resources to proactively manage your landscape so it can showcase your property all year long and for decades to come.

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